Membership rules

Food safety and respect

By joining our scheme, you agree to store food chilled food at 5 degrees or less and frozen food at -18 degrees or less.

Please bring an insulated bag to transport your goods home.

By joining our scheme, you agree to treat our staff and volunteers with respect. We reserve the right to ask you to leave and remove your membership from our data base if your behaviours offends staff, volunteers or other members.


Allowance and renewal

Your allowance is on the rear of your membership card. Your card can be collected when you come for your first shop.

We reserve the right to alter this allowance in line with availability.

Some of our products are past their Best Before date, they are safe for you to eat. You can be assured that we will never supply goods past their Use By date.

Membership renewal is 12 months from joining date. This will be done on your first visit after this date in store.





Food Share Wigan - Furclemt