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Watching the amazing community effort happening right now in Wigan and beyond to ensure the vulnerable members of our communities get the supplies they need is truly amazing. Offers of free food and a smile to people self-isolating, special arrangements for the elderly and carers at super markets, free coffees and more for our wonderful NHS staff, and an abundance of people offering their time to help others make us realise that the majority of people will step up in a crisis.
We have been quiet lately, but you can be assured that we continue to support our community through working with other community groups and our council and that will continue for as long as we are needed.
We have been thinking (it can be dangerous when we get our heads together!) one sector that we feel is suffering in silence at the moment are our self-employed. I (Shirley) have been self-employed for most of my working life and know how difficult it can be for many small businesses and self-employed people. Many of us go without to ensure our staff are paid first, we don’t get sick or holiday pay and despite what people often think, the cash you hand over to that plumber, carpet fitter, decorator, small shop doesn’t end in their back pockets, there are overheads and tax to pay for them too.
I have been following the Chancellors rescue measures carefully and was pleased to see that he didn’t forget the self employed (well with a reminder from business groups!) However, there is a wait. Payments for our self employed will not come through until June. This may cause hardship for many families, so we have decided to offer some help in the only way we know how.
If you are self-employed or and struggling or are worried about the coming weeks, we are offering our food hampers to you at no charge. All we ask is that once this crisis is over you support us in some way, however you can. You may want to send some cash or offer your services, purchase our hampers or attend our bistro nights…you choose.
To access this service please Direct Message us, tell us a little bit about your business and how many are in your family and we will contact you with a time to collect your hamper.
Your hamper will contain some essentials, meat, fresh veg and fruit, milk and a few treats too.
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