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  1. I can't get into the routine of blogging; my life is too hectic to find space for routine, I never know where I'm going to be from one minute to the next....I've been trying to get to the bank for two weeks!!

    Anyway, it's been a while since I blogged so going to try again! Maybe a reminder in my phone will help...if I'm in to react to it...maybe...we will see!!

    We have a big walk-in chiller which broke down recently leaving us with a problem in this warm weather and a big repair bill....ouch! How were we going to cope with the challenge of finding the resources to fix it when we needed it in this heat wave.

    The answer came from a local woman who after reading the article about the chiller break down in the local paper popped in with a cheque to cover the bill and a little bit more! This lovely member of our community wants to remain anonymous but what a lovely generous gesture. So now we have a fully functioning chiller!

  2. 2016 was such a busy year for us at Fur Clemt, we have seen much growth thanks to the support of Wigan Council who have supported us through The Deal, Community Investment Fund. We have complied some pictures to give you a flavour of just some of the things we got up to over the year, just click here to view.