Ready Meals

Our ready meals and easy teas

As well as food intended for the retail sector we also receive catering sized packs that are not suitable for our food share schemes. We use these packs to make our range of ready made meals and soups.

We trialled our ready meal service during lockdown by partnering with Age UK Wigan Borough to ensure our older community members could access healthy “home’ cooked meals. They were so successful that we continued their production once lockdown was lifted making them available in our food share scheme.

The meals are freshly prepared by our fully trained Chef Adrian. Blast frozen and put in our outlet freezer. They cost £1.50 each.

We chose our packaging carefully to reflect our environmental credentials... we dont want to save the food from reaching landfill only to fill it with single use plastic. We use biodegradeable cartons sealed with film. Labels are fully compliant with full ingredients and cooking instructions.

It can be not easy to find the time or energy to cook a full meal each evening with our busy lives. With this in mind, our new range of 'easy teas' goes some way to making life a little bit easier. We cook our surplus vegetables and vacuum pack them ready to be reheated at home; just add your protein.
Our easy teas can also reduce your fuel use. We do the bulk of the cooking; you reheat it in the microwave saving on gas or electricity. In these times of rising fuel prices, they could make a difference in conserving your energy and your energy use!

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Do you know we also provide catering services? We can offer a unique way to make your event extra special, from sandwich platters to wedding catering. We don't have menus as our supplies change daily. We use what we have, but we assure you that our team will ensure your event has delicious food on offer. Contact us for more information.

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