Our cafes use intercepted food that would other wise be discarded as 'waste'. Much of the food we use still has 3 to 4 days shelf life left, some is past its 'best before' you can, however, be sure that ALL our food is safe to eat.

Our cafes are mainly staffed by volunteers who give their time to ensure our customers have a positive experience when visiting us.

Our cafes now work on a 'made to order' basis with waitress service. Our prices are kept to a minimum and are based on the cost of running the project. Our meals are priced at £2.50...a bargain!

  • Fur Clemt - Central Park Montrose Ave, Norley Hall, Wigan WN5 9XL Opening Times - Monday to Friday 9am until 2pm for drinks and snacks, Lunch served at 12 midday until it’s gone!
  • Fur Clemt Tyldesley - Start Well Centre Poplar St, Tyldesley M29 8AX Opening Times - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am until 2pm
  • Fur Clemt Stubshaw Cross - St Luke's, Bolton Road, Stubshaw Cross, WN4 8TU.