Everything But The Turkey

Everything But The Turkey

This year we are bringing you and easy Christmas dinner option. If you hate cooking and find the whole Christmas dinner thing stress enducing we have the answer...Every Thing But The Turkey! We do the cooking and you provide the meat.

So if you can't cook, are working Christmas day, can't be bothered or just dont want all the washing up, order your Christmas dinner ready to reheat on the big day. Your 3 courses will come frozen ready for you to defrost over night on Christmas eve and with reheating instructions.

Whats in the box?

Your box comes with enough to feed 4 adults and includes

  • Smoked salmon pate with homemade crostini 
  • Part roasted potatoes ready for you to finish in the oven 
  • Mashed potatoes (microwavable)
  • Sprouts (microwavable)
  • Carrots (microwaveable)
  • Buttered parsnips ready to finish in the oven
  • Spiced red cabbage (microwavable)
  • Pigs in blankets ready for the oven
  • Stuffing ready for the oven
  • Tub of homemade gravy
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Homemade chocolate pudding (microwavable)
  • Homemade custard (microwavable)
  • After dinner mints

To order please fill in the form below before 20th December



Everything but the Turkey